Balanced Buzz

Achieve a “Balanced Buzz” with Meditation & Craft Beer brought to you by Tarpon River Brewing!

Happy self-awareness meets hoppy self-indulgence at the intersection of mindful drinking.

The goal of drinking mindfully is to bring full awareness to every sip. The practice acknowledges an intuitive truth – a little sip of can be a very useful thing.

Learn to mindfully taste and experience your carefully crafted beers at Tarpon River Brewing and really pick out the flavors, ingredients, scents and nuances.

Contemplate and understand why you are drinking in the first place.

Learn to pay attention to the effects of alcohol on your mind and how – through meditation – you can learn to let alcohol illuminate your mind, rather than cloud your thoughts or judgment.

Workshop includes a flight of beer and meditation class. No yoga mats required.


Shelly is a meditation teacher and coach, author and blogger, and a mindfulness community leader. Check out her website at !